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Hex editor and pattern language view Bookmarks, data processor and disassembler
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Free and Open Source Hex Editor for all OSes and the Web

What is ImHex?

ImHex is a Hex Editor, a tool to display, decode and analyze binary data to reverse engineer their format, extract informations or patch values in them.

What makes ImHex special is that it has many advanced features that can often only be found in paid applications. Such features are a completely custom binary template and pattern language to decode and highlight structures in the data, a graphical node-based data processor to pre-process values before they're displayed, a disassembler, diffing support, bookmarks and much much more. At the same time ImHex is completely free and open source under the GPLv2 license.

Hex view with tons of features
Hex editor and bookmarks
Byte patching, patch management, Copy-Bytes-As-Array for many common programming languages, string and hex search, Bookmarks, Goto, Huge file support, variable column count, custom encodings and much more.

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Pattern highlighting
Pattern language highlighting
ImHex includes a full custom C++-like pattern language that allows easy highlighting, decoding and analyzing of file formats.
IPS patches and data import
IPS and IPS32 patch generator and importer
Automatically decode base64 files to hex and apply IPS and IPS32 patches directly. Changes made to a file can immediately be exported as IPS and IPS32 patches again too.
Integrated Disassembler and YARA
Disassembler and Yara compiler
Disassemble a variety of different instruction sets. From x86 over ARM Cortex-M Thumb code to PowerPC. Many configuration options are available. Together with the integrated YARA rules parser it's a great way to analyze Malware.
Data Analyzer
Data analyzer and identifier
Immediately identifiy known file types with the extensible file magic interface. Further analyze the data with byte distribution and entropy graphs.
Graphical data processor
Data processor with visual programming language
Pre-process data with the easy to use data processor. Decrypt, transform or simplify the loaded data with the intuitive, node-based interface.
ImHex is completely free and open source under the GPLv2 license.

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There's also unstable nightly builds available on GitHub Actions. They will have more features but can potentially be less stable and have more bugs.

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Do you have any questions? Need help learning ImHex and its Pattern Language? Just want to chat with some nice people?

Please don't be afraid to join our Discord Server and ask right away. There's usually somebody around to help :)